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Was at a local shop today and was getting ready to leave. As usual they didn't have any used ones. This shop has well over 300 9mm used pistols and I have only seen one used XD in any caliber in over a year and a half. Anyway, I digress. So I asked one of the sales guys if they had any idea when they would have the XD45ACP. The guy quickly shot back, "We got it." I was shocked. He said, "We got one the other day." Springfield sent the owner one free of charge. And the guy said it wasn't for sale. He went in the back and came out with it.

Sweet! :shock: I was drooling. Yes the grip is noticebly longer, but the circumference was not noticebly larger. With the added grip length, it looked almost "quirky" to me. But it still felt well balanced and pointed just like the previous XDs. I really think the tactical will be the sweet spot for the 45ACP. Also, from the top of the grip up to the top of the slide seemed larger, but I might be mistaken. The guy said SA told them it was a preproduction and didn't know when SA would start shipping them. But from the others that have seen them, I can't imagine SA would have put out so many pre-production models. Do manufacturers put out large numbers of pre-production models?

Anyway, I really would have liked to studied it some more, but I was pressed for time and had to get back to work. My buddy that went with me talked to a smith/dealer friend of his after we got back to work and this guy said that SA put it out in response to the Gov't/Military contract for a new 45ACP pistol. I kind of poo-poo'd that, but now I'm beginning to wonder.

I really think SA will nail it with the ACP. I think these will be big sellers and they may have a trouble keeping them in supply for a while. Just my $0.02
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