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I decided to pick up a ProMag for the XD-9. I couldn't resist, I figured it would be fun for the range and really turned some heads when inserting the mag. The employee's of the range thought it was pretty "tacticool" as well lol.

I also put some Hogue grips on the XD. Talk about a WORLD of difference in comfort.

Shooting today was not AS bad. I was practicing reloads at the range. I was loading a random amount of rounds into mags, put them into my holster and one in the XD and began shooting.

I started out shooting slow, hence the nice group in the middle then sped up firing with the 32 round mag, which is why it got a wide pattern all of the sudden.

The random loads did help a lot, I felt I improved my reloading speed, but still need work. I did have fun though, 200 rounds sure went quick with the 32 round mag.
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