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Got my XD-9 a big brother

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Went to Bull's Eye Shooter Supply today and bought a blued XD-9 Tactical to keep my XD-9 Service company in the safe. It was destiny, the box had my birthday on it as date of manufacture. Cost was $449 cash on the barrel. I lovingly cleaned and lubed it this evening while watching airline disaster documentary on National Geographic channel. Laid it to bed next to it's smaller brother nested between my other 9mm guns. My wife was with me and we decided to go and get a second CZ-83, in .380 ACP this time, as we both like the first one so much. Oh well, blows my gun budget for the rest of the year, but at least it was the money that we got back from the IRS this year. I will post later as to my range time tomorrow with it. I may also do a small pron post in the future and let you folks see some of my armory.
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Took my new XD-9 Tactical to the range today. Went through a couple of hundred rounds of various 9mm, performed basic tests of accuracy and reliablility. First impressions - cycling smooth but a bit heavier in recoil then my XD-9 Service with Don's Rod and #20 Wolff Spring, trigger a touch heavier then my XD-9 Service. Accuracy was pretty good, had a couple of fliers and I think my shooting was a bit off due to the new trigger. Still getting used to it. Made a nice ragged hole about 1 1/2" across at 10 yards offhand with 15 rounds. I can do better with my CZ-75B but it may be just getting used to the trigger on this particular gun. Will need to look into replacement recoil spring for this gun, anyone have any ideas about spring strenght and type?

Reliability, no malfunctions of any type observed, cycled everything I fed it reliably. Brass showed no deformation other then that normal for this gun. Radid fire sequences had no jams either, cycled through three mags with me firing as fast as I could without a problem. Muzzle climb was controlable.

Over all impression. Keep it. :D
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