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Got my Blade-Tech Holster today...

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I love it! What an upgrade from my fobus. I'm ready for IDPA now. If you can't decide on a OWB holster... I highly recommend Blade-Tech. I like having a belt holster, that I don't have to take my belt off to put on and take off.
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Which one did you get ?

i have a UCH for my XD 4" and a tactical thigh holster for it also. I was considering getting the DOH belt holster, but they don't seem to make a holster for the 4" with an X200 light attachment.

I just got the belt holster with tek-lok.

Do you like your UCH? I was looking for a holster that I can get a thigh attatchment for for hiking etc.
Ryno said:
I just got the belt holster with tek-lok.
Mine just came today. I really like it.
I love my UCH and thigh holster i got from blade-tech. Granted, they are both for a 4", so the UCH would be much more comfortable for say, an SC model :) I like how it retains the gun, it seems like there is a nubby inside that the trigger guard slides over in addition to using the screws to adjust the tention.

Their thigh holster is very comfortable to wear. The one i purchased has the retention strap and is molded for the 4" with a Streamlight M3 attached. I use it with my Surefire X200 and it fits nicely.

Thats awsome about your belt holster, how do you like the tek-lok attachment ? I grabbed a magazine holder from them with the tek-lok style attachement and i like it a lot.

I dig their belt holsters because it looks like you can order one style and the parts for the rest and just change them out as you need. for example, buy the DOH, then buy the parts for tek-lok and paddle, but use the same 'holster' part. I think that adds basically 3 very nice holsters for the price of one.

After all the draws from my blade-tech holsters i'm impressed that i haven't noticed any wear on the slide as a result. I drew 3 times from my xd-gear holster and it scratched the hell outta my gun. I sprayed it down with some silicon lube and it seems to have fixed the problem, but the blad-tech gear was ready to go right outta the UPS shipping box.

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i recently got my sob holster from blade tech and i love it . it conceals the xd beautifully and its comfortable even when sitting down and no one ever knows if im wearing it or not . the only thing now is will that holster fit the 4 inch 45gap that im trying to get
I was thinking about possibly trading in my xd .40 caliber for a .45gap, but, i guess my big deciding factor would be if the slide was larger or modified from my .40. I don't think it should be, but i don't want to waste the cash i've spent on my blade-tech gear.

Btw, that SOB holster looks pretty interesting. how is the retention with that? i think i'd be a bit conserned about the gun falling out almost.

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