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Picked up a 4" green framed 9mm XD at a gun show on Saturday. It came with 3 (!) hi-caps, a paddle holster, and what appears to be a plastic lunchbox to keep the pistol in. Isn't this the deal that SA was offering for the subcom XD? The price was right. The trigger is sweeeeet (~6-7 lbs) and has a nice short reset, within a trice of a Glock reset. It's probably the best out-of-the-box XD trigger I've felt yet.

My 5" shares hoslters, mags, and ammo with the new 4", also. They'll make good backups for each other at IDPA or USPSA. All I need now is the 3" and I'll have the whole spread.

Now the $40K question; Can I put the 5" slide on the frame from the 4", and vice versa? They do fit together, and I can cycle the slide and the striker drops, but I'm hesitant to drop the hammer (er, striker) on a live round lest something gall or break due to some small difference between the tac and serivce models.

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