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Good prices on 7.62 x39

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I posted this somewhere else but I think it deserves it's own thread

Sportsmanguide.com seems to have just about the best prices right now, even with shipping charges.

I just ordered some Wolf Military Classic HP at $195 for 1,000 rounds. Yes, it's out of stock, but they will have more in by 11/17 and they will honor the price!!

Worth a look

All 7.62x39 ammo at TheSportsmanGuide.com

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That's not a bad price if your a member and the $30 annual membership is ok too if you buy a lot of ammo.
Midway USA is just a little more. Plus I can drive right to their backdoor to pick it up and not paying shipping.
Sportsmansguide is pretty good. It is ironically much cheaper than Cheaper than Dirt.
are you nuts. cheaper than dirt has the 124gr for 249 for non members and 237 for members. not to mention their shioty shipping costs. Are you on crack dude.
Watch the Sportsmans Guide's shipping costs. Sometimes their high shipping costs on heavy things like ammo will cancel out any low prices. I cannot order heavy/hazmat/ammo like things from SG..their shipping to Texas is murderous.

Cheaper Than Dirt? I bought mags from them but never ammo. They are not that cheap then I toss in state tax and shipping and there are several local gunstores that equal or better CTD's prices.

Aim Surplus and Ammunition To Go are my favorite places for ammo. I also buy 303 British surplus from Samco in FL because they ar one of the only places left that HAS the stuff and I have 4 Lee Enfields to feed.

- brickboy240
I bought 1000 rounds of Wolf at the gun show two weeks ago for $180 out the door.
I've bought my 5.56 prvi partizan from wideners, and my 7.62 stockpile came from the Academy sale. Aim surplus was decent when they had wolf military classic in stock $180/1000 before shipping
i order a lot from the sportsmans guide. the $30 pays for itself on big $ orders and their 4 payment plan lightens the load.

I've order tuns of ammo from them.

Currently i have 3 orders with them, and they are backed up BIG TIME because of the post election rush.

Great company
I order a lot of things from Sportsman Guide, just a few days ago I order 1K 7.62 x .39 Wolf Military Classic for $185 (shipping was free) because I renewed my membership, so I bought some Christmas present too. I paid for the membership by not getting charged for shipping.
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