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good price?

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I know nothing about AR's. absolutely nothing.

But i want to get one before its too late.

Local gunshop has a complete DPMS 16" with flat top for 650. Good price? pros cons?
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actually, they have 2. if anyone is near clarion PA and would like to know the location, pm me.
Sounds like a good price to me. Snatch it up before they are ALL GONE! :)
i would LOVE to get both, but im not sure i even have the $$$ for 1! I'll keep you guys informed! anyone else wanna chime in about price/quality/etc?
at the time of this post, you are online....

i hope it is because you are posting pics of that rifle you just bought, if not, why are you online and not down there getting it?

eta: is it new? if so....SPEED! and put it on layaway if you have to. dpms is decent from all i have read.
the yare closed until tomorrow
anyone from the evening crew have opinions?
It seems like a good price. Do you have the specs? Is it straight factory specs?
If you only have one AR and it may be used for SHTF, a chromed bore/chamber is something many would strongly suggest.

anyone from the evening crew have opinions?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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