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Good minor load for a 4" XD40 for IPSC

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Hi, I'm interested in reload for 40S&W. I've loaded rifle before but not pistol ammo. I'd like to use midway once fired nickel plated brass, rainier 155 gr. TCJ bullets, CLAYS powder, and (insert compatable primer here). Anyone got any advice? I'm looking for a clean, accurate, cheap, soft shooting load.

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Try 2.5 grains of clays with your 155 grain bullet and chrony it. It should be pretty light, 130 PF.
I use 2.5 grains of clays, fed primer, and 180 Billy bullet for my S&W 646 .40 cal revolver. Mousefart is right. But nice to shoot.

They chrono'd at 119 PF, but it had been cold and i didn't leave the rounds in the car to warm up..

If you're shooting minor, they might as well be mousefarts as you need added accuracy. Hard to shoot 175 PF .40's and keep the sights on target.

I don't know why, but the load i've used for the last few matches has been 173 PF out of the same revolver. 4.0 grains of Tite-group. I shot the new load and went, WHOA! What the hell was i thinking?
Power factor= bullet weight in grains x FPS.

Major power factor is USPA/IPSC is 165.

Minor has a floor of 125, IIRC.

PF affects your scoring on targets, minor loads get dinged greater for anything less than A hits.

1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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