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Afternoon everyone, had a chance to go to the pistol range today, it had been over a month since I last got to place some rounds on target. As usual my XDm .40 performed flawless, wish I could say the same about the operator. I was shooting at a regular paper silhouette target in black. I placed some shoot n c targets over the head and torso area, I placed 50 rounds into each. Out of 100 rounds, I pulled 4 of them to the left. 2 on the head, and 2 on the torso. I was shooting in the standing position from 20 feet away. I was using a two handed grip with my support hand kind of cupping my strong hand from underneath and I placed my support thumb over my strong thumb. I think my pistol is sighted in slightly left. Anyway, just wanted to share and see if I figured out how to post pictures...



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