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You can load 9mm to make major but I believe you exceed SAAMI to do so. Some of the hard core competition gun companies are making gun chambered for “9mm Major” The USPSA Major power factor is 165 so with a 147 grain 9mm bullet were talking about a MV of 1122fps. I don't no for sure but that load has to be at least +P if not significantly higher.

Now the following is JMHO, I have only been shooting USPSA with my XD-40's since early this spring. If you want to shoot production then a 9mm XD would work great with the XD-9 Tactical probably be best choice of the XD models. As other have pointed out in production all scoring is minor and there is no point in shooting the heavier recoiling 40 or 45 and the extra sight radius and weight of the tactical will help a lot.

As for 9mm not knocking steel down, this is incorrect thinking. A 9X19 that just makes minor is the round used to calibrate the steel. If you hit the steel correctly and the steel is calibrated correctly then you should never have a problem knocking steel down with a 9mm.

If you are going to shoot Limited-10 (my personal favorite) then the XD-40 Tactical is probably the best XD to choose. 40 cal is the minimum required caliber for Major and nearly all 40S&W factory ammo easily makes Major power factor out of the 5 inch barrel. Again the extra sight radius and weight will again be a help over the shorter service model.

I like Limited-10 and have been shooting that exclusively since my second match. I have added a magazine well to my XD-40 T, and change recoil springs and added thicker base pads to my magazines, all things (except the spring) you cannot do in Production. I like
to tinker so Limited lets me tinker with my gear more and I enjoy that.

1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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