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Going to purchase a xd today, not sure what caliber....

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Im going in this afternoon or tomorrow to buy my XD but im not sure if i want a 9mm which I have shot before and a 40 caliber which a lot of people seem to prefer. Can some one help me out with this choice this would be my first hangun. I wanna compete with it eventually and im going for the 4" models :?:
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If you buy the fourtey you can shoot l-10 uspsa in major power which the scoring is better.But 9mm is cheaper can alway buy a conversion barrel to change to 9mm in a 40 cal :D and have both
JD McDorce said:
R/T Performance said:
If you buy the fourtey you can shoot l-10 uspsa in major power which the scoring is better.
I can honestly say that I've never looked at it from this perspective before. In the Production Division, everyone is scored as Minor regardless of PF (assuming it meets minimum). Major / Minor does apply to L-10, although I haven't seen many people use their Production guns in L-10 just to be scored based on Major PF.

For moongoose26, you can find local USPSA info at the following link from USPSA's site: http://www.uspsa.com/dw/wheretoshoot.html
Thats what I am going to try this weekend just because my followups seem to wonder a little.Plus I plan to cheat a little because I plan to shoot poofy or powder puffs no chrono and will make me look better with the compact. :wink:
Seen the new class for 06 single stack behind the hip holsters and mag pouches?
I will pm you it's some new class I read about in this month issue off blue press sorry about the hi-jack :oops:
Breech face and extractor are different for the 45 gap won't ever happen :shock:
Prices must be going up agian :shock: I found my sub this spring with 3 mags and holster for 450 w/tax
Are you in california or somthing?
1 - 5 of 21 Posts
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