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Steel is calibrated with 125PF ammunition, 115gr @ 1086fps, with that minimum established, you HAVE to hit the popper in the round "sweet spot", or higher, low shots aren't going to drive it down. Honestly, steel should be calibrated for 120PF so that anyone on the 125-126 border line can still knock it over with a slightly low shot.

Most open guys shooting 9mm major are doing it with a 125gr bullet. Some are using 135s, 147s are a hell of a lot of presure at that velocity. I honestly wouldn't doubt for the chance of a severe failure from an XD shooting a diet of major PF, especially when some loads we're talking about hitting 55K+ PSI

You don't have to have major PF to play in Limited, as with the new 16rd hicaps and pierce +2 base pads, you can start possibly up to 19+1 if your springs are good and worn in.

Equipment doesn't really mean jack starting out in USPSA, yes I'm being serious.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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