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Moderator-Please note that I have not yet posted this gun for sale just looking on what I should ask:

Hello and thanks for looking. New to newer handguns. I own old ones and bought my first newer one this year. It is a XDM .40 3.8" Bi-tone finish. I know what I paid but I do not know what used would go for.

The package does include:
The obvious package - 2 clips, lock, mag holder, plastic holster, 3 backstraps and case.

Also included:
Extra clip
Leather hip holster made for the XDM
Conceled inside pant holster (cheap $9.00)
450 rounds of ammo

In great condition. I have fired under 2 (100) round boxes through it.

Just looking on private party value. No offers, just a value. I just bought the XDM .45 so I have to justify some cost by releasing this one.

Thank you in advance.


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