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Hoping someone on here knows the laws before I start research digging. Here goes…

I’m in Alabama. Relation is (was) in Texas.

Brother in law passed away. Wife said get the guns outta here. She gave me 3 guns and all the ammo that goes with them. (2-.22, 1-XD 9M)
I’m back in Alabama with all the hardware but don’t know if I’m legal. Don’t know if they’re still in his name and if so, how to get them over in my name. A lot I don’t know right now, so looking for help. TIA
Wow! Sounds like someone has been brainwashed into paranoia thinking all of our country has gone socialist/communist. I'm not an attorney from either Texas or Alabama, but from what I know, both States are still currently very 2nd Amendment friendly. I do not believe either State requires guns to be registered. As a betting man I'd say you're perfectly legal. Enjoy your new tools; especially that XD-9. I've had the 4" Service Model XD-9 since September 2007 and it's still a bundle of joy to shoot: very reliable, accurate and attractive piece.
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