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Getting a new XD, what to expect

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My XD Tactical in 9mm is coming in next week. What can I expect from it? My previous gun was a PT-92 and it was a mixed bag.
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You can expect your XD to be the best gun you own, impressing you with its quality each time you take it to the range.
What to expect from your XD:
Reliability, Fun to shoot, impressive handling, fun to shoot, accurate, fun to shoot, it likes accessories I.E…extra magazines, holster assortment, night sights, fun to shoot, eats almost any kind of ammo, fun to shoot, fellow gun owners will drool when you have it at the range, fun to shoot, it will scare the boots off of bad guys and did I mention it is fun to shoot. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy my XD.
Took my new (to me at least) XD-9 Tac (2-10rnd, 2-15rnd and 1-17rnd Beretta mag) to the range for the first time yesterday. Very impressed, but I expected that. Very accurate if I did my part, ragged one hole groups at 8yds. I'm re-learning the Glock-style trigger and reset (sold all my Glock several years ago), but it'll only get better.

Pistol-gear shipped my Don's guide rod/22# spring package, so guess I'll have to go back to the range this week to see how they've improved things :wink:
What "The Grand Poo Bah" said! And, It's fun to shoot! :wink:
Stock up on ammo. Lots and lots!!! With the XD you just run out too fast. 8)
Son of Norway said:
Stock up on ammo. Lots and lots!!! With the XD you just run out too fast. 8)
That's the only problem- I don't know why it uses ammo so fast. Must be a defect. One other plus- my trigger gets smoother the more rounds I put through it.
Expect SIG handling in a less expensive package! :wink:
load your mags with one bullet at a time... then they will last longer,
but it does take away from the fun factor..
I just hope this one's a keeper. The Taurus I didn't like because the grip was too wide for me. When I test fired the XD, it felt much more comfortable than a glock. It was on par with a 1911 in terms of ergonomics. Accurate too. Much more accurate than I imagined.
Sore cheek muscles from grinning so much! :D
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