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Gap question

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I have an ar built on an essential arms lower, and a bushmaster upper. everything is secure but when i hold it up to the light, i can kinda see through the slim space between the upper and lower! now trust me its no large gap but should i try one of those accuwedge things or is this just the design of the gun, or should i just chill out8)
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Sounds like an Accuwedge would just make the gap larger. If it's not real loose fitting, I'd ignore it.
Yeah I think you'll always have a tiny gap there. Doesn't hurt anything.
its just the design of the weapon there should be a gap and a little play between the upper and lower receivers not sloppy buy a little.

chill out and enjoy.
Agreed...just chill. From what I understand, many AR's have a slight gap..If you feel like theres a wiggle, you might try the o ring or black rubber band trick on the take down pin for the upper!!
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