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G&A Magazine - Action Profile: Inside the XD

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I just came across this article and thought you might want to read it.
It offers some insight into the action of the xd as well as praise for the guns design and function.

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Thank you for posting that, I found it both interesting and informative. I was going to buy a Glock for ccw use, but bought the XD sub 9 when someone mentioned it on another site. The ambi mag release and larger slide release mechanism is what sold me.

I am extremely happy with the gun and have no regrets. I will admit I had one problem initially. The rear sight was mismatched and I shot 6"low at the range at 25yrds. The rangemaster who is a better shooter had the same problem. Sent it SA at their expense and it was fixed and back to me in a short time. Works fine now. :)
I haven't had any problems out of my sub either. I've noticed the trigger has gotten smoother and the slide release has finally loosened up a bit. I've only got about 800 rounds through it. My High Noon holster is supposed to be here by Friday, can't wait to hit the range again!
Great artical, stay on the look out for more like it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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