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A few of us were talking after our monthly USPSA pistol match on Saturday about....what else....the horrible tragedy that has befallen the New Orleans area. We have decided to put together (short notice, I know) a fund raiser at the range for this Saturday.

I know that most of us want to help out in some way, but don't know where to begin. Here is a great opportunity to come on out and have a great time, and really do something positive.

The 4H Kids will be putting on a barbecue, and we will have various shooting activities and demonstrations on the various bays. There will be a practical shooting range, high round count, lots of steel, lots of "run 'n gun." Additionally, we will be holding gun handling workshops for the (up to now) non-shooter, who might like to give it a try. Also a great opportunity for all of those "range widows" to come out and learn to safely handle a weapon, under the supervision of a Weapons Instructor with 25 years experience in Law Enforcement. A great opportunity for the young shooter, as well.

And what would a charity event be without a couple of games of chance. There will be a 100 yd bullseye contest, and a turkey shoot, with a 50/50 payout.

There will be no admission fees, no range fees, no charge for BBQ and cold drinks. We'll leave it all up to the generosity of those attending to donate what they can or wish. Club members, management, and some generous supporters will shoulder all of the up-front costs. After the event, we will see that the proceeds - every penny-100% - will get to where it can do the most good in terms of humanitarian aid.

So I ask you......wouldn't it be nice to get together with friends old and new, in the spirit of fellowship and giving? Come on out, have some great food and a good time.There is strength in numbers. Lets send a message to the survivors that we are here to help. They have not been forgotten.

Road Ends Range
2802 RWS Ranch Rd.
Davenport, (Really Haines City), Fl

Saturday, Sept 10th
10:30 AM till - ???

Tim Okon
Cell: 845-590-3010
Email: [email protected]

Thanks so much for your time. I hope to see you Saturday morning. If any of you wishes to be so kind as to pass this on, so that as many as possible may see it, that will be greatly appreciated.

By the way, if you're coming out to shoot, remember ear and eye protection.

Stay safe,


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Hi All:

Just an update. Response has been great, and we are planning a super event for Saturday. I hope that as many of you as possible will come out and shoot with us, and support the effort.

In addition to the BBQ, raffles, shooting events, clinics, contests, etc, we will have helicopter rides, as well.

all we ask is your generosity when we "pass the hat."

We have decided that, in order to ensure that 100% of the proceeds from this event go to the victims and survivors, that we will purchase supplies (non perishable food, medical, toiletries), fill a truck, and personally take it to a distribution point in Mississippi, or Louisiana, at the direction of the authorities on site.

Again, I ask you to make time in your busy schedules and come out Saturday and support this . Good food, good fellowhip, lots of shooting. What could be better than supportng our suffering Brothers and Sisters by coming together and doing what we love to do?

By the way, we are also asking for a canned food item from everyone. Non perishables are really in demand, and this will help to bolster the supply shipment.

Again, any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. Come on out and show the world that shooters are not just a bunch of "gun nuts," but solid folks that can be counted on when the chips are down.

I look forward to seeing you out there !

Best regards,


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They decided to stay druing a manditory evac.
They voted for a liberal dimocrap mayor who refused to follow the city's evacuation handbook.
They voted for a governor and congress critter (both dimocraps) that redirected funding from upgrades to pork (vote buying)
They looted
They shot at rescuers.
Many STILL demand to stay in the filth.

As it is, the federal felons have already over-stepped their constitutional bounds and are going ahead full bore with wealth redistribution.

****'um. Let them float their own damn loan or float belly up. I care not.

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Morning all:

Saturday's fund raiser BBQ shoot is coming along beautifully. Chicken is marinated, pork has been rubbed down, and a couple hundred burgers and hot dogs are ready to hit the grill.

What to bring. Target rifle and ammo, if you so desire. There will be a 100yd bullseye contest, best out of 3. Target purchase is $5, and there will be a 50/50 payout. A 12 ga shotgun (we'll have loaners on hand if you don't have one) for the Turkey Shoot. Target purchase is $3 (one time, no add'l charge for elimination rounds), we'll provide the ammo. Also a 50/50 payout. A semi auto pistol, ammo, and extra mags (revolver is ok as long as you have a lot of speedloaders) to try your hand at the action range (course is about 32 rds). No charge to shoot.

Here's the schedule:

10:30 AM: Arrive, meet and greet friends, get comfortable

11:00 AM: >Young Shooters Basic Firearms instruction and trigger time (25 yd bay #2)
>Open Target Range - Targets Provided (25 yd bay #1)
>Action Pistol Range Open All Day (Bring Pistol, Ammo, Spare Mags or Speedloaders)
>Rifle Range Open for Bullseye Practice (100 yd Range)

12:00 NOON: LET'S EAT !

1:00 PM >Basic Firearms Instruction (All Ages-OK to bring own gun / ammo) - 25 yd bay #2
>100 yd Bullseye Contest Begins - 100 yd range
>Turkey Shoot Begins - 25 yd bay #1
>Action Pistol Range Open

2:00 PM >Turkey Shoot and Bullseye Eliminations and prize payouts
>Prize Raffles and 50/50 Drawing
>Open Range (instructional "trigger time") for beginner shooters (25 yd bay #2)
>Action Pistol Range remains open
>Open Target Range - Targets Provided (25 yd bay #1)

2:30 PM >Raffles and 50/50 drawings

3:00 PM > All ranges open for fun shooting

In addition to all of the above activities, there will be (weather permitting) helicopter rides available on site as well. Not sure of the cost at this time (we're trying to nail that down now), but it WILL be reasonable, and all proceeds WILL go to the relief effort.

Just a couple of safety points. We don't want any accidents. We are happy to have you at our club, and we want your time with us to be enjoyable and safe:

Please see that all weapons are unloaded and made safe when not on the firing line. This does not apply to those LEGALLY carrying a concealed weapon. In any case, all weapons need to be holstered or secured at all times when not on the line of fire.

Minors MUST BE SUPERVISED AT ALL TIMES when on the range. We welcome young shooters to the sport, but a Parent or Guardian MUST accompany them on the ranges.

It goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway. Alcohol and illegal drugs have no place on a gun range. We will have plenty of Law Enforcement in attendance, and I understand they give free rides to druggies.

If you are planning on shooting, or being a spectator at any of the shooting events, eye and ear protection are absolutely mandatory.

Cost of admission is a canned food item. Other than that, there is no cost to come out and eat, shoot, learn, and enjoy yourself. We leave it up to you to donate what you wish to this incredibly worthy cause. Obviously, the events with a cash payout (bullseye and turkey shoot) have a nominal entry fee, but you have a shot at a cash prize, and every dime of the proceeds will go to help relieve the suffering of a Brother or Sister whose life has been ravaged by Katrina.

Again, we look forward to seeing you tomorrow. Should be a great time. As always, any questions, my cell is 845-590-3010, or email to: [email protected]

See ya on the range, and safe travels,

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