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Here goes my first range report. =) To date I am probably coming close to 1000 rounds through my XD40 Service, and have only had a few failures to feed on some cheap ammo I shouldn't have bought in the first place.

So, I found an indoor range that I took my CCW classes at... http://www.counter-strike-indoor-range.com if anyone in metro Detroit area is interested. They did a really good job going "above and beyond" the requirements for the personal protection class. We did some rapid fire, point shooting, and scenario shooting. Anyway, I went back there this morning and shot off a couple hundred rounds. It was me and four other students from the same CCW class, so the instructors were familiar with us.

We started off just target shooting to get warmed up... we were shooting 15' drilling holes in bullseyes. Pretty good warmup for us, as we are all relatively new shooters. After a while, we did a few scenarios. First, we set up a "house" type scenario, where you start laying in bed and are alerted to an intruder. We rolled off the bed (25ft away from range), loaded the gun, identified the bad guy in the hallway (aka center lane from where bed was, and double tapped. Next, we moved through the 'hallways' made from tarps, 'sliced the pie' to inspect the bedrooms, and double tapped each bad guy. It's probably similar to IDPA type shooting (never seen that before... but I'd like to!), but it was quite the experience after being used to just plinking at the range. Moving and shooting, as well as just the general concept of it brought on some adrenaline... very cool. =)

We did the same scenario again next, but with a few differences. Mainly it was locations of the bad guys, and the addition of friendlies. In the two 'bedrooms', there was one friendly in each being held hostage, so shot placement was very important. This scenario was pretty intense for me... the first bad guy with a hostage had a "kid", so the upper right portion of the torso was still vulnerable. I double-tapped both shots into the right shoulder area, about 2" apart. The next room, the one bad guy had a full sized friendly as cover, so the shot placement was harder. I double tapped for the neck/head... my neck shot hit direct center at the base of the neck; the second missed by about 1/4-1/2 inch by the left ear. doh! Regardless, it was really fun... I can't wait to go back to do more.

The other drills we did were using the blue practice pistols. I just want to make note because some of these should never be conducted with real guns / live ammo. Every pistol I refer to from here on out are those plastic molded fake pistols. First, we ran through the same scenario with the lights off (very low lamp making the room very very dim, but still visible). The hard part was that we stood outside int he sun first, so that when we came into the range, our eyes were not adjusted. It really made you think ... taking small steps to avoid tripping on things, and made identifying the targets a bit harder. When we got to the second bedroom, one instructor was hiding directly behind the wall, so if you sliced the pie and the gun was exposed, he would grab it. He had to reach for mine ( I kept it behind the wall), but he still got it before I could react.

We did two quickies after that. The first was with the lights completely out. We entered from outside (I had absolutely no vision at first), and we had the practice pistol and a streamlight tl2 i think. anyway, we were told that there was a possible threat that we would have to identify and react to. Since I was completely without vision, I first held the flashlight outstretched away from me, and "blinked" it forward so I had a memory of where objects were in front of me. I heard a noise come from about 15feet in front of me to the right, so I shined the flashlight to where the noise was. It was one of the instructors walking with a cordless drill. I said "what, are you a threat?" kinda in disbelief, and he kept walking somewhat towards me. I saw the drill had no bit in it, so I kept my aim on him untill he passed me, then continued. Apparently that was the whole drill, and by not shooting him i "passed". Out of the four of us, I was the only one not to yell "bang" while pointing the practice pistol at him :) Finally, we were asked to respond to a threat of two bad guys (the instructors). The closer one had a knife and the farther one had a gun, and they were probably about 8 feet apart, at a diagonal. I strafed to the left, putting the knife guy in between me and the gun holder, "banged" at the knife guy first, then, while still strafing, "banged" at the gun guy. They said I did it good. =) Hehe, I think those instincts either came from paintball or video games!

Anyway, i hope you read all the way to the bottom here. It was a really fun time, and I couldn't help but share it with the board. Is training like this common? I had never heard of any ranges doing stuff like this until I came across these guys.

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