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FTF with XD45

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I have shot about 100rds through it and a few of the last few rds I have had some FTF issues. The ammo I have is the 230gr Winchester JHPs.

Am thinking about a stiffer spring? Anybody have any input?

I've NEVER had a FTF on my XD40.
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Try a few different types of ammo in it and see how they work just for the hell of it and see what happens. 100 hundred rounds isn't enough break in time.
New model gun, new unproven round, new weapon needing a good break in. You have a lot of things working against you right now. I don't think it's a spring problem. Maybe the GAP burns a little dirty? Might have to work at keeping the chamber real clean. My guess is that you have yourself a new pistol that needs breaking in. Don't change anything yet. Try blowing at least 500 rounds through it before you change it. After another 100 rounds it might not miss another lick.
You should be breaking that pistol in with ball ammo for 500+ rounds and then move to the hollowpoints.

Frank what exactly are the rounds doing and how are they jaming. And since I told eople that any xd mag will feed the gap are you using the actual gap mags not your 40.
Hmm, the JHP are the rounds the gun shop gave me with the gun. I have noticed quite a bit of what appears to be lead residue on the barrel and stuff.

James, yes, I have fed the GAPs through my XD40 mags, BUT I just shoot with the GAP mags when target shooting.

The slide is staying back like the mag is empty. I have noticed that if I try to put 9+1 in it, the mag is much harder to get in than my XD40.

I didnt know if it was something I should be concerned with or not since it is so new and so few rds through it.
I can only think of two things that could hold the slide back. Empty mag and slide switch. Watch your thumb when firing that it doesn't ride to high or the recoil will push your thumb against the switch and lock the slide open. People that are used to firing 1911 have that problem when transitioning into the XD.
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