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Today I went to the range and fired my .40 SC for the first time. I fired about 220 rounds through it. Probably at around 50 rounds or so I had a FTF. I was firing WWB FMJ 165gr. The FTF occurred with one of the 9 round mags on the 6th round fired, 4th round loaded. When this happened the round appeared to have been stripped from the mag fine but was jammed up against the feed ramp and didn't get guided into the chamber correctly. I cleared the chamber, reloaded the round, fired it, and the Exact same thing happened on the next round. I had no more failures the rest of the day. It is likely that they where two rounds that I pulled out of the box in sequence, so is it possible I had maybe two rounds with light powder loads or something? If this is not a cause for the FTF then I guess the polishing of the feed ramp is the solution.

Total I fired
100 rounds 165gr WWB FMJ
50 rounds 180 gr WinClean BEB
50 rounds Federal American Eagle 180gr. FMJ
9 rounds Federal Premium 165gr JHP
12 rounds Speer GoldDot 165gr JHP

I also seemed to hit low right, especially when using the 9 round mags with the pierce extensions. I did better with the HiCap 12 round mag with the sleeve. Whenever I really took my time with a shot and focused the round hit exactly where I was aiming so any accuracy issues I'm sure is just that I'm new to firing handguns at least of this caliber.

So is the FTF most likely a polishing of the feedramp fix?

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With that few of rounds fired thru it, don't worry. You are still wearing off the high points from the machining and making everything move smoother. 'Sort of the same thing as breaking in an engine on a car; after a bit is is all smoother in operation.

I just bought a SC in 9mm, and the feed ramp is nicely polished from the factory. I would guess that your .40 is should be nice and this should not be a problem, which is why I think just fire more rounds and see if the problem continues or goes away.

Something that I did notice is that my 9mm has an aggressive radius from the ramp to the chamber, far more than any of my other pistols in this family. This suggests that if feeding problems exist in the service models that rounding this transition between the feed ramp and chamber should be should be the right direction (may void warranty, do so at your own risk etc.). :D
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