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Model LMS-4XD9/357, for a 4" XD9.

I'm looking for $280 shipped to the lower 48.

I bought an SA 1911 Loaded a little while ago with Trijicons, and I like them a lot. I think I want a set of Trijicons or Truglo TFO's now for my XD instead.

Less than a year old, I bought it back in January of this year. It hasn't seen many rounds. I think I put about 2 mags through testing it, and I'm pretty sure I let my Dad put a mag through it. We're probably talking no more than 50 rounds. My other range trips I always swap out real quick for the factory guide rod so as not to wear out the spring in this one.

The original batteries were very short lived, replaced April/Mayish. Still have plenty of charge and the laser shines bright, but when I ordered the replacements from amazon, I bought 2 sets worth. So in the box there will be a second set of new, still sealed in packaging spare set of batteries.

My Feedback:
eBay Feedback Profile for m3n31
[ HEATWARE.com ]

Quickest payment option:
Paypal via verified account (I will not accept CC Paypal)
Residential address, no PO box.

(*Gun not included.*)
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