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okay these are brand new only taken out of the bags to take pictures, except for the 9.5 degree driver. It was swung a few times in my back yard, thats why a small piece of the plastic wrapper is coming off.

As for trades just let me know what ya got

let me know if you have any questions

also i know for a fact you can take these clubs to golfsmith and trade them in for 90% of retail because they are brand new. I dont have a golfsmith in new mexico

9.5 Degree Tour Burner Driver Stiff Shaft $210 Shipped

10.5 Degree Tour Burner Driver regular flex $210 Shipped

XD irons steel shaft 4-AW $425 plus shipping GONE

r7 CGB Max Rescue RH #3 19 degree stiff $150 shipped GONE
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