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It's been decided. I'm selling off my Nikon M-223 3-12x42mm w/ Nikoplex reticle, Rapid Action Turret, AntiReflective Device, and factory scope caps, along with the M-223 XR 20moa optic mount.

The optic: Nikon M-223 3-12x42mm w/ Nikoplex reticle and Rapid Action Turret
This model has been discontinued but is still available from a few retailers. I think it's the best of the M-223 line for those who don't reload. Shooting with this scope using factory 55gr Poly-Tip (which is the load the Rapid Action Turret is calibrated for, but if I recall correctly you can buy different scope caps for different loads from the factory) is plug & play. Just turn the turret to the corresponding known distance. I shot cheap 55gr factory FMJ all the way to 400 yards using the scope's settings alone and was consistently hitting 3 of 5 shots on a bowling pin (and I'm sure the other two were shooter error or ammo inconsistencies, not the rifle or optic). The elevation turret has markings in 50yd increments from 100yds all the way to 600yds. Both elevation and windage are 1/4" click adjustable and are very smooth and positive. The parallex adjustment works well and is very comfortable to adjust.
Absolutely no issue with the scope, it functions perfectly and holds zero well. I've checked with a few round-robin 1" square tests and it always returns to initial zero. No cosmetic issues (aside from the scope caps it came with. I partially splatter-painted them white at one point along with my rifle, and when the paint was removed the black caps turned a kind of grey. The scope itself was not painted. No function issue just cosmetic, and I repeat this issue is only on the plastic scope cap)

The mount: Nikon M-223 XR 20moa one piece 1" mount
This mount works well with this scope, and has stayed secure for over two years. Be aware it is not a QD mount.

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Again, nothing wrong with this optic, just looking to change over to a capped turret design with a higher top magnification. Feel free to look up further specifics on this scope, but rest assured you'll love it. I still have all the paperwork the scope came with, and MAYBE the box. I'll look and see if I can find it.

Lowest price I can find on this model (as I mentioned this one was discontinued, so pickings are slim) is on Amazon at $394.99 + shipping. I purchased it new from Gander Mountain for $460 two years ago.
Amazon.com NIKON M-223 8488 3-12x42SF Riflescope Black Sports Outdoors
The mount is listed on Amazon at $49.88 + shipping, and I believe I paid $75 two years ago.
Amazon.com Nikon M-223 XR Mount Rifle Scopes Sports Outdoors

Asking price is $400 OBO if selling FTF, $415 shipped to my fellow XDTalk members. Feel free to make me an offer, but be aware I'll also be posting this up for sale locally.

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Nice. I would buy this in a heartbeat if I had the dough for a precision AR.
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