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I have a Safariland 6004-149-21 Right handed holster for Springfield XD/XDM 5" with TLR-1, M3, M6, brand new never used Asking 125.00, OBO

Tactical Tailor MAV with X harness lightly used no tears or defects in multicam Asking SPF to helpdesk9

Two 5.11 single mag pouches in coyote brown (new) SPF

Two Brand new ATS 3 mag Shingles coyote brown (new)SPF

Eagle 9mm pouch coyote brown (new) SPF to helpdesk9

Fire Force admin pouch (new)SPF to helpdesk9

Fire Force double M4 pouch (hold 4 mags) asking (new)SPF

Fire Force Single M4 pouch (holds 2 mags) asking (used)SPF

Holster for XD/XDM still available

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