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Glock 17L 9mm (Long slide)- $750 + actual shipping
Bought new,never holstered 30 rounds shot.

Installed are Heinie Slantpro 3D front and rear Tritium night sites seen here. https://www.heinie.com/cart/product_info.php?products_id=133 ...roducts_id=133[/url] . These sights were fitted and installed by master gun smith Gene shuey in carson city. The install ran $50

Pistol is LNIB, 110% condition.

Everything will come with the Glock as if you were buying it new from a gun shop. The magazines are high capacity. And to make the deal even sweeter, I will throw in 4 additional high capacity G17 magazines, giving you a total of 6 magazines!!!

The Glock 17L comes equipped with a extended magazine release, extended slide release and a 3.5 pound trigger.

I ran 30 rounds through the barrel only to see if the sights were on target, this pistol is sighted in and on point.

Here are pictures of the pistol. (You can see the new sights installed in the first two pictures)

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