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Alrighty guys I am going to a GASP all Glock HD setup for pistols so my XD has to go. I bought this guy new 2 years ago and it has 2050 rnds of factory ammo through it according to my shooting log.

XD Service (4inch) 500
Solid Guide Rod 25
Skateboard tape on grip panels 0
Insight M3 with two new batteries 85
3 factory 16 rnd magazines 0
4 Mecgar 18 rnd magazines 80
Blackhawk Serpa holster 30
Raven Concealment holster for gun with M3 in tan 100
Raven Concealment mag and Surefire G2 holster in tan 30
Don Hume H722TAC for gun with light 50

The way I see it I have 900 in the package give or take. I do understand that isnt realistic as a price. Pics are available on request.

Email me at frankinaugATyahooDOTcom


Trade interests:
Glock 19
Glock 26
3 or 4 inch 1911's in 9mm or 45
AR15 pistol uppers
AR15 complete lowers
Sig Mosquito
Ruger 22/45
Ruger Charger
Keltec Sub2000 Glock mag
Mossberg 930
Remington 1100
Bolt Action .308 or .223
Aimpoint optics
Eotech Optics
Marathon watches


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Just for kicks, lets try to find out where
your state of residence is!

It sure would help the forum members
to know the info.


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I'm interested in the 3 factory 16rnd mags and the solid guide rod. I could do something in the $60-70 range for that set OTD.

I also have some decent AR15 parts (handguards, ironsights, grips, and slings) to trade, but can ONLY ship through this weekend; out of town for a while starting then.

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The forum rules require you to post your
state of residence.

Please do so. I will edit the subject title
to include it.

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