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Ok here's the deal. I've got some blinds that I'm either going to trash or give away. They are relatively new-ish; I'd estimate about 2-3 years old (based on the other remodels in the house). I'm taking them down because my wife and I hate them. Roman shades, that's where we're going.

So here they are! For free! I have, for your home improvement enjoyment:
- 2 vertical blinds for sliding glass doors; regular size. White.
- 2 venetian blinds for regular size window. White.
- 1 extra-massive venetian blind for a bay window. White.

All are in good shape. All come with the necessary mounting brackets, but I may have lost a screw or two. I will give them to the first person to PM me. YES I will break up the band and give you whatever blind you want.

Absolutely no shipping, but I am located in the HOUSTON, GALLERIA area and will meet you so that you can pick them up.

Measurements on request but seriously, if you're really interested, just take the stupid things. Please?

Being in the Houston area, Do you happen to know about a local XD forum? TXDPSA.com.
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