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For those that use the Comp-Tac or other IWB holsters

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Is there any reason why you cannot wear these type of holsters between the belt and the outside of your pants? I ask because occasionally I wear pants are a little too snug for a holster to fit comfortably inside the waist band. All of my belts however are plenty long enough to go either way. Lately I have been looping my belt on the outside of my OWB pancake style holster because I noticed that I can acheive better concealability that way since it makes the gun ride closer to my body than it would if the belt were between the holster and my pants. I was just wondering if there was any reason why you couldn't do the same with most IWB holsters.
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Take it from someone who has been packing for decades- it is generally better to suit your wardrobe to the carry system, than the other way around.

So quit dressing like a pimp and get you some MAN britches :wink:
Yeah, what he said. The CTAC generally goes over at least one belt loop though, so if you put it on the outside you wouldn't be able to utilize that loop. This could cause some stability issues. The CTAC really would loose most of its appeal if worn OWB due to the belt not being attached to as many points on the pants. But good luck on your venture.

I own a CTAC. I think the main problem you will encounter is that the holster will lose some stability if worn OWB. The design of the holster provides for your pants and belt to secure the whole rig in place. The belt clips are made to hook over your pants, then have the belt run through the outside of the clip. If you eliminate the clips going over the pants, you decrease stability. And I'm not sure the system will be reliable or all that concealable if used this way. If you don't have a CTAC, I wouldn't recommend buying one just to try it out. Maybe you could find a buddy that has one and experiment - you may be able to make it work.

If all else fails - spend another $40 and buy a couple pairs of pants that fit both you and your holster. +1 to Jim.

I would also like to add that the CTAC is an awesome rig. I was very skeptical of it at first, believing it would be uncomfortable. Boy was I wrong. Even with the Kydex (I was nervous about the Kydex digging in), this holster system is much more comfortable to carry than the many cheap 'tuckable' style nylon holsters with a single clip sewn onto the front of them. With the CTAC, the weight of the weapon is distributed over a large area across the waistline and after an hour of wear, it's easy to forget it is there. The holster can be 'canted' in many different variations to suit your body size and type. The holster and gun will completely disappear under a loose shirt, even a t-shirt - I carry this way regularly. I have never tried going formally tucked, but the rig is supposed to work that way as well. Hands down, this is the best $70 I ever spent on a holster.

Good luck.
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