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Florida did it again

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Florida did it again, I starting to like this state again.

As soon as the Gov signs the latest bill , which he said he was going to, even though he doesn't like it, we don't have to flee on the street or out in public.

We will be able answer force with force and not have to worry about prosecution.

It is SB 436 if you want to read more on it .

Thank God
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As far as fast draws go, skilled shooters in competition can draw and put a round in the "center" of a 10 yard sillhouette in well under a second. A smoking time for an IPSC shooter with a race rig would be around 0.7 seconds. I don't shoot IDPA, so I'm not sure what a draw from concealment would be, but I'll bet it can be done in under a second. Any of you IDPA shooters have any stats on that? Practicing these sorts of skills is one of the reasons why I shoot in the local IPSC events.

Point being? With practice, it can absolutely be done. A LOT of practice. Can I do it? Nope. But it can certainly be done.

If you're curious, check out this video. Go to Steve Anderson's video page http://www.andersonshooting.com/videos.htm and watch the 3rd one from the top. It's...impressive.

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