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Florida did it again

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Florida did it again, I starting to like this state again.

As soon as the Gov signs the latest bill , which he said he was going to, even though he doesn't like it, we don't have to flee on the street or out in public.

We will be able answer force with force and not have to worry about prosecution.

It is SB 436 if you want to read more on it .

Thank God
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this is more than the castle doctrine; florida already allows us that right, but this clarifies it, to if you are confronted outside of your residence, or vehicle, to meet force with force; i personally pray i never shoot anything other than paper or game with any of my weapons, but, in the same thought, if you attack me i WILL respond, with deadly and accurate force. To me, this is the penultimate argument, to deter predators from attacking innocent citizens, since they will know they can be met, on the spot, with equal or more force; by someone who has probably put more rounds thru a paper target than they can afford to put in their illegal weapon!!!!
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