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Florida did it again

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Florida did it again, I starting to like this state again.

As soon as the Gov signs the latest bill , which he said he was going to, even though he doesn't like it, we don't have to flee on the street or out in public.

We will be able answer force with force and not have to worry about prosecution.

It is SB 436 if you want to read more on it .

Thank God
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BigGun97B said:
ttheobald said:
Why is it that I smell attitudes like yours and I immediately think "Oh s***, there's another moron who's going to spoil it for the rest of us by giving the banners a poster child."

Please! Dude you're making folks from Missouri look bad. We just got the right to carry here. Florida has had it for a while and is finally working out some of the kinks. If you don't like this guys attitude of being happy that he can realistically defend himself now, then you need to go find a different kind of forum to speak your seemingly anti-carry opinions. Just my opinion.

Glad to see someone else from Misery... errr Missouri who has the same opinion. I think FL is a good state to look to as they seem to lead the way with alot of legislation, etc dealing with these sorts of things. I look forward to it working well for them so people will begin to realize that right to carry should also be a right to defend not a right to have and hold.
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