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Florida did it again

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Florida did it again, I starting to like this state again.

As soon as the Gov signs the latest bill , which he said he was going to, even though he doesn't like it, we don't have to flee on the street or out in public.

We will be able answer force with force and not have to worry about prosecution.

It is SB 436 if you want to read more on it .

Thank God
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I'm not even going to reply to gentleman who posted right behind me even if he thinks I a moron, but I got a gator I like him to meet :lol: .

My Dad all ways told me if he got a knife, run, if he has a gun stay and fight since I can't outrun a bullet.
Dam I must have died and gone to heaven, Florida passed a get the hell of the left lane bill, unless passing, to cut down on road rage from people parking in the left lane.

Makes up for some the stuff the press has been saying about show downs on every street, from the gun bill passing.

Talking about someone getting shot from a fight starting in a bar or a ball game, or at a school meeting and you know they have to know that CCW is not allowed at any of the them places, but that wouldn't sell papers or up the rating of TV stations

And I hope Bald guy is happy, I went the whole week without shooting anyone :lol: , hated to tell the guy I been carrying for 30 years now!
Thanks Gunslinger45,for explaining the law, when the law passes that fireman would not have to stand there and have to make a discission on saving someone life.

Myself I would have shot and asked questions later and she would have had a chance, cause he could have done first aid on her instead of holding the guy at gun point
Tell me about it I lost 2 thousand dollars worth of tools, when a tree fell on my shop.

I had to show my CCW for the first time today, cop pulled me over for checking up a woman blowing through a stop sign to jump ahead of traffic in the lane I was heading for allready.

He asked me about my work knife, and I said I have my CCW, (I been carrying a knife since I was 10, and I only one I cut has been me :lol: ).

Anyway I told him I had my gun too, so he wanted to hold on to it while we were talking, so I unloaded it and handed it over.

It turned out I wasn't wanted for nothing, still I figgured a ticket was coming, as that is what happens in Fla if your pulled 90 percent of the time.

He looked at my CCW one more time said to take it easy and handed my Gun back and my ID's .

I would say not pulling out a loaded gun to hand him might have helped a little, along with handing it to him butt first .
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