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Just a note to thank those who have gone before me on this site!
My problem is that apparently my thumb is short compared to the fingers on my rather large hands. The magazine release on my XD service was difficult to depress especially before breaking it in. I bought the PRP extended magazine release and thanks to videos I found through this site had it installed in 5 minutes and it has worked flawlessly.

Fast forward to this week. I have an XDS 4.0 and felt I needed to add the extended magazine to that one as well, so I purchased the XDS extension from PRP and proceeded to install it. The only problem is that I pushed the retention pin in a little too far! That wouldn't have been a big problem, except my fat fingers don't really fit in the single stack width and that D**n spring got loose. In looking on here I had a hard time finding a diagram or video that showed the spring orientation and a simple how to to reinstall. I did find this disassembly video that took special care with magazine latch and the tension spring. It helped me immensely! After figuring out the spring orientation I went home and with a paper clip for a guide pin and a small screwdriver to push the short leg through I had it functioning correctly in less than 5 minutes. When you know the tricks it is really easy. Thanks to you guys (gals) here finding the tricks is a lot easier. I included the link to the video here for the next poor schmuck who is trying to figure out how to get his XD, XDM, or XDS back together. Thanks, again!

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