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I have a 4" XD-40 and bought a Barsto 357Sig "drop in barrel." I was going to send it in, but after reading some posts, Googling, and looking at a FAQ on the Barsto website, I decided to do it myself.

I began filing on the edge of the "hood" because when the factory barrel is in, I can move it slightly back and forth in the slide. The Barsto did not move at all. This caused me to have the gun lock up solid the first time I tried to asssemble it. I'll remember not to do that again.

After a little filing I got the barrel to move very slightly back and forth, and now I can assemble the pistol, rack the slide and feed ammo.

Sucesss. Sorta.

Sometime the rounds jam straight into the feed ramp. So my question:

Do I need to file more on the hood (front edge of flat place on top of barrel) to allow the barrel (feed ramp) to more freely move or is it some other adjustment I need to make? I think I need to file on the hood more because there still is not near the amount of play that there is with the factory barrel.

Thanks in advance.
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