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use the pad of the tip your finger
and get some snap caps and have someone randomly load them into the mag and see if your anticipating the recoil . which i can say with almost 100% certanty you are. as all shooter or at least most will do it in the begining and haveing a snapy recoiling gun like the 40 just makes it worse.

REMEMBER -squeeze the trigger dont pull it.

squeeze the trigger slowly until it goes off. it should be a surprise when it does, when you pull the trigger fast and hard there is no suprise and your body will anticipate the recoil unless you learn and teach your self not to.

also with the snap caps put a penny on the front sight and do dry fire practice after LOTS of practice you wont move the gun when you shoot it.

and just shooting isnt practice you could go to the range every day and shoot 250 each day and you wont get better unless you practice the proper techniques. dont be afraid to ask someone at the range for help. most people are more then willing to help a new shooter as long as you are SAFE
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