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On 5/11/14 I took our granddaughter to a range to shoot a real pistol for the first time. She is an adult and had shot a rifle.

I had very briefly shown her how to shoot an airsoft pistol accurately and without reliance on the sights, using a shooting method that has been around since the early 1800's. Basically, you place your index finger along the side of the gun, point at a target, and pull the trigger with your middle finger.

At the range, I selected a rental 9mm Springfield XD-S that I had used it before, as it was very easy to shoot.

I also, stuck one of my aiming-aid/finger-rests to the side of the gun. The aid makes correct index finger placement mechanical and automatic. And it helps keep it away from the slide when shooting rapidly and the gun is bucking and jumping in your hand.

When one is used, the gun will feel secure and comfortable in your hand, and it will fit like a glove. When asked about that, she agreed and also said that the XD-S was fun to shoot.

The use of the aiming aid is only an option. One is not required to be used. Here's a pic of one attached to a Springfield XD.

Her first shot at about 8 feet, and the next 19 all hit the target COM. I then moved a target out to 12 feet.

Using one handed rapid fire, she continued to hit the target COM, and in groups of 5 that could easily be covered by a standard sized piece of paper.

She just pointed and pulled the trigger as fast as the pistol dropped down after jumping up six inches or so with each shot fired.

If you want more information + cautions about using the shooting method described and the aiming aid, make a web search for P&S shooting.

The point of this is that the XD-S 9mm is the nicest shooting pistol I have used. And over the years I have tested a large variety of handguns and different calibers.

The XD-S's slim design, hand fit, weight, trigger pull, and recoil control combine to make a gun that is easy and fun to shoot.
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