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I have men a revolver man for 25 years. I loved my Ruger Redhawk Stainless 44 mag.

Then I shot my Dad's XD9. Then I shot his XDM 40. Then I shot the neighbor's XD45 Compact. I was hooked. I have shot SIGs, Glocks, Rugers. Nothing like this. A Kimber 1911 came close.

I just bought an XD(m)45. I have put 50 rounds through it and it is the best thing I have ever shot. I could headshot with my Ruger at 50 feet easy. I can't do that with the XDM, but I put 6 rounds in a tea cup at 15 feet first time. I love this gun. 13 rounds per mag, that's twice as much lead as my 44.

SA you have changed my world. Now I think I will have to reload to afford shooting as much as I want to.

Thanks SA

Thanks for a great pistol.
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