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I like it. I could see this becoming my carry gun. I have the xds 45, but the 9 is so much easier to shoot, I already place it ahead. Also ahead of the Glock 42, which I can't shoot as well, along with it being only a .380. It's pretty much head to head with my Glock 26. The Glock is simpler to maintain, has parts more readily available, and has 10K perfect rounds through it. The xds may turn out as reliable, I think I'll be able to shoot is about as well, and it is thinner.

I shot 175 rounds of four different kinds of target ammo, but forgot to bring the Speer Gold Dots I'll probably use. No problems, it felt good from the first round on. I need to change out the sights and evaluate further. Very nice gun.

Now, what to do with the xds 45?
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