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First Pistol XD-40SC

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First of all hello to every one... I am new to the site and new to Pistol ownership. (I just bought a XD-40SC with Trijicon Night sights). I am a prior Marine and have handled many rifles and pistols however this is my first Pistol that has belonged to me. I do have a solid experience handling pistols and rifles but my knowledge is limited to physical handling, shooting and safety so I have many questions. Also even tho I belong to many forums sites (Best way to get reliable info/opinions if you can decipher between the salesman) this is my first post and I know many sites have rules about how to post and where to post so if I have screwed up please let me know. As well as direct me as to how I can not repeat any mistakes I may make. Any how.
My most important question is. Which type of ammo should I buy for My newly aqquired pistol? I have been doing a lot of reading and have seen a lot of people like the HST and the Gold Dots but what grains should I go with. I was thinking about getting a box each of the 155 165 and the 180 of each of the 2 previously mentioned brands and feeling them out. Keep in mind it is a Subcompact if it makes a difference. :confused: But if you guys tell me to try some different weights I will take that into consideration. Also I do believe in practicing with what your going to keep in the gun so thats why I am not concerned with any FMJ for now. Till I am running out of Chedda that is. THanks in advance.:cool:
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Welcome to the forum and thank you for your service. There is a lot of good info to be had on this site. Read and post. Most of the people on this site are cool and very willing to help. Welcome from Minnesota.
Welcome and thank you for your service.

The 40sc is my favorite pistol.

I just shot a box of WWB 165 and several mags of Federal EFMJ 165 and Golden Sabre 180 last Saturday. Honestly, from 10 yards the difference was not noticeable to me. Though I had more bulls with the Federal (which I keep in it) all the groups were decent.

To date, I've found no ammo gives any of my XD's trouble.
Welcome to the forum and thank you for your service to our country.
Welcome from FL. the 40 sc was my first xd also, you're goona love it.
Welcome from Ohio.
Welcome from Indiana!
Welcome to the forum and congrats on your new pistol.

As for ammo, I shoot 180gr FMJ WWB for target practice, and 180gr HP Federal as carry ammo. Of course I practice with carry ammo as well, but since it is more expensive, I don't use as much. Just a mag every month or so to make sure it feeds well and I can still hit the bull.

Whatever you go with, I suggest staying with one bullet weight with both carry ammo and practice ammo. And practice using both. And practice on a regular basis.
Welcome from WPB Fl.
On my XD40SC I use Speer Gold Dot 180gr GDHP
Welcome to the forum. I use the Win. 185gr 40.. for target and carry..
Welcome to the forum from CT.
Thanks for the comments and info. I ended up buying a box (50 rounds) each of 155,165, and 180 of both the HST and the Gold Dots. Also a box of 165 speer lawmen. Hopefully I will get a chance this weekend to make it to the range to try them out.
Welcome to the forum from CT.
I too am originally from CT, East Lyme. Its a lot nicer up there but at least I dont have to deal with the cold down here like it gets up there. But if it wasnt for my job thats where I would be.
welcome aboard, check out federals website for ballistics info, thats what id do. Also box of truth is a good website.
Welcome to the forum from VA...I use 180gr for both range and carry
I use Winchester Rangers 155gr Hollowpoints in both my XD's (a .40 full size and a .40 subcompact.) I shoot for practice 155 FP Raniers (reloading) I have had good result with both from an accuracy standpoint.
Welcome Xwildonex. Conratulations on your purchase. I carry the same pistol for back-up. For range practice I shoot either Remington Golden Sabre Bonded JHP 165 grain. For carry I use either Hornady TAP 180 grain or Federal Hydra-Shok 180 grain. I have never had any feed issues with any of them.
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