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Thanks again everyone for the welcome, and the extensive info on here. Unfortunately my local gun shop is closed; they must be at a show or something, so I don't have mine yet :(. It's probably just as well; I need to decide to get the 9mm, or .40, or, what the heck, both.

I did do some research, and actually shot a new XD45 my stepson bought. It's a nice gun, and I was able to put my whole mag on the target from 25-30 feet (OK, all over the target, I need a lot of practice) -- this on my 2nd ever, and first in 10 or 12 years, pistol-shooting outing. I'd get that gun but I like the grip and feel of the XDm better. One thing I haven't figured out, though: what's a "Glock"? ;)
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