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My Steel Ops T3R target showed up today.

Steel Ops Home Page

T3 Targets

I also got the hostage flipper and the racks to hang gongs on.

I got the target out of the packaging, loaded up in the wagon, and headed to the pit.

Setup was ridiculously easy just as they showed in the videos.

I painted green dots on the torso with a template that they threw in due to a hiccup in the order and on the flipper and gongs.

An absolute blast. MUCH MUCH more fun than shooting paper.

Here is the target set up in the pit.

Broke down in the wagon.

Steel Ops are great guys to deal with and I highly recommend them.

Even with the shipping, the prices are comparable to other companies that offer free shipping.

If you live in CO these guys are a no brainer. If I lived a few hours from them I would have a lot of their products.

So, if you are in the market for some steel, check them out.
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