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Congrats on your new gun!! You're right on track with wanting to develop your fundamentals! Have a great time!

I'd skip the benchrest for now - - - developing proper stance and form is valuable, and hunching over a bench won't help you with that. You can work on all the fundamentals of trigger control, sight picture, etc, without benchresting your pistol (indeed, without actually firing live rounds - dryfire) - - IMHO, resting your pistol doesn't help you develop any of them, it just shortcuts the steps necessary. Sure, your pistol will be steadier when rested, but that's of little use unless that's the way your going to shoot all the time. Don't get too concerned about being bullseye dead-on accurate right away, either - as you develop your fundamentals, that will come. There are lots of good threads in here about these skills, too.

I'm all for integrating a .22 into your training. I can shoot 5 times as many rounds thru my .22 pistol for half the price of feeding my .40 - and those basic fundamentals you are developing are the same for all handguns. Yes, your 9mm recoils differently than the .22, grip angles are different, size, weight, sights, and a good deal more - - - - but BASICS are basics, and cheap is good!! And .22's are just plain fun! :)

I wouldn't wait to start shooting the new pistol, tho - - - ahhhhg, no way could I do that - - - start putting rounds down range thru it, be mindful and aware of your fundamentals as you fire (every practice shot has a purpose and a lesson, make them all count), and also utilize those cheaper .22 rounds to get extra practice in.

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