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First chance to fire my XD SC - very nice!

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Finally had a chance to hit the range with my new 9mm XD SC. Really very pleased with accuracy, and with the fact that it fed 330+ rounds flawlessly, a (purposefully) mixed bag of Speer Lawman, Winchester, American Eagle, Speer Gold Dot HP. Not one problem - everything loaded and fired as expected. I can say that it didn't seem quite as accurate as my G-19, which I brought to compare, but it wasn't off by much once I figured out the sight picture.

BTW, that American Eagle is one filthy cartridge. After a few rounds it looked like I was firing into a fog bank.
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welcome to the board, and congrats on the the new XD.
The XD9 SC is a sweet shooting piece, isn't it? I absolutely love mine. Welcome to the XD nation! Next step: 40SC mags for 13+1 capacity. :D
The G19 might have shot better just because you are used to it.
Welcome to the forum, I have two XDs in 9-mm. A service model and the XD9sc. Its a great pistol. The first time I shot the XD9sc I was amazed at the accuracy. I have a Pierce extension on my ten round magazines. The pistol hides well and I can handle it as well as a full size pistol.

-- Richard

Also remember you mixed all your ammo... hollowpoints, fmj, etc don't all shoot the same... in all fairness.
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