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Finally sweet success

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Thanks to every one especially Mullman 8)
Just went and fired 30 rounds all felt good no jams or mis feeds.
Just pure joy :D :D :D :D
15 Berry's fp and 15 hp.
180 grain bullets ,winchester primers,Hogdens universal powder 5.6 grains.
Will be making 50 more this time all fp have to adjust depth for hp
Anyone who doesn't no Dillon square deal b press
Depth of 1.120 and a .010 crimp
Wow that didn't take long threw 100 primers already 8)
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The best accuracy I ever got out of a .40 was a 135 gr. Nosler HP on top of 12 gr. :eek: of Blue Dot. Do not try this at home.

Zett said:
The best accuracy I ever got out of a .40 was a 135 gr. Nosler HP on top of 12 gr. :eek: of Blue Dot. Do not try this at home.

WOW would like to see mzl. vel. of that My book only list 155 grain with 11 blue dot 1221.
I plan on trying some lower weight bullets soon
I can't belive I have only had this press for a week just for fun I made and timed 30 rounds 4.5 minutes :shock:
Of course that didn't count pre and post inspection :)
Indeed. The 155 on 12 gr. of Blue Dot is stepping at ~1300 fps. The 135s were SCREAMING. I'm unsure of the actual velocity, but I bet it was around 1400, with no signs of overpressure. I did have some scary looking (signs of splitting) cases, but they had multiple loadings on them, which was foolish of me with such a hot loading.

If you need more cases I just bought 500 nickles on ebay.They look like new the lister is arms1 http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=31824&item=7150335601
This was by far the nicest brass I have ever seen 8)
No nickle listed right know but 90% fedral no swells 10% speer
I haven't used Universal...

Does it burn clean??

I've used Tite-group, Clays, VV320 and Bullseye.

I use Clays exclusively for my .45ACP and VV320 for my 40's.

With Bullseye, i tended to have unburnt powder and residue. Tite-group was just plain dirty, i was running hot loads too...after 100 rounds the gun was black with soot.
Not to bad way cleaner than Remington umc value packs.They turn the end black in 20 round .I haven't used anything else .yet but seems real good no smoke and just pulled it upart looks good.and my buddy that reccomended it said cleanest he's ever found for his 45 acp 8)
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