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I finally got to shoot my XD45 4". I traded my XD45 tactical for it over a month and a half ago. Just haven't had time to shoot it...

I am no expert shooter, nor am I versed in how to explain the functioning in technical terms but, what I can say is that this thing kicks a** and pokes holes in whatever I point it at.

It came with a really nice decal grip which I think really helped. I had problems with my tactical slipping in my hand after several shots. Couple that with sweaty hands and you have problems. The decal grips were definately better than the bulky hogue slip on that I had on the tactical, too.

I shot about 150 rounds of Winchester white box from wallworld and shot from distances varying from 3 to seven yards to start. I shot a few mags at the range's max distance which I think may have been about 45-50 feet. After about one magazine worth of ammo, it's hard to tell when the rounds hit because there is just a fist sized hole in the target. I am confident that if and when I get hired that I would be able to qualify with this weapon. I felt comfortable and familiar with it right off the bat. I think I will need to practice more with my weak hand unsupported, though.

I didn't have any problems with operation. I have been shooting my XD9 4" all year for the academy and noticed that my double taps were considerably slower with the .45 as I am still getting used to the recoil, but I figure speed will come with time. I also noticed that the magazines seat much easier than they did with the XD9. I really had to give my XD9 a good tap to seat the mag if it was topped off. Not so much with the 45. They slide right in and I give them a tap and tug for good measure.

I put about 3000+ rounds through my XD45 tactical, but that was about a year before using my 9mm only in the academy. I can honestly say that I never had one single failure with the tactical. I had several problems with my XD9, some were shooter induced, some were from crappy school ammo, and the last few were from my magazine feed lips being bent to hell from hitting the deck and being kicked around. As long as my new .45 functions as good as my old tactical, I think I will be sticking with it for a while... assuming where ever I get hired will let me carry it!
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