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Well I bought a sig 2022, and a beretta 92g elite II little over a month maybe longer. I was finally able to go shoot them both.

First the 92g. I still consider my self new to firearms and still learning. I bought my first gun the xd about 6 years ago... With that said this beretta was the funniest gun i have ever shot... It is a sa/da, but man it was a blast the trigger was smooth the changing of the 20 round mags went great. For having such a small rear site I was still able to get eye on target. Still. Need a lot of practice, but after 350 rounds down range with her yesterday she was awesome for an 11 year old gun. Very little recoil was able to get right back on target. I don't know what else to say but great...

The sig 2022. I really don't know how to explain it so just figure out what I am saying. Thie 92g was fun, but this was a great gun as well. I would say thins was more of a everyday practical gun. The huge sites where easy on the eyes and I was able to dri ve nails with this thing... Of course still need practice. Even at 15 yards out I was able to hit with in the area I was going for.

I have seen a lot of bad things about the 2022, and i am going to say I have to go the other way on it. The gun is one of the better ones in the hand for me, shoots smooth as can be, and all and all a great carry gun in my opinion.

So if any one is still reading this thanks, and sorry for spelling and anything else I am trying to use the iPad for all this..

Have a great day
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