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I went ahead and ordered an XD40 at the beginning of December. Had some troubles..delaer couldnt find an OD Green one so they waited to get a shipment from SA. Date came for shipment and SA didnt ship any.. Then went to local dealer and had him look.. He found an OD Green one but by the time I got back to him about it, the gun was gone.. Then he had a black one delivered. And I went and picked it up this morning.. I already installed the Dons Guide Rod and spring, (which I have had sitting here since beginning of Dec.) Pretty simply install, probably took 2 mins... Really simple thanks to overkills HOW TO.. Now I just have to wait until this weekend to go out to my parents house so I can shoot it.. College student living in an apartment in a city .. cant shoot anywhere and we have no indoor ranges around here, which is shitty. I already oiled it and cleaned it.. I cant wait..
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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