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Just a thought running through my mind. I think I'd like to get a sub-compact again but definitely don't have the money to buy one outright. I'd be looking for one in .40 or 9.

So, I'd like to see if there is any interest in the great state of Indiana to trade my XD40 Service for something a little more compact. I think I'd like an XDsc, but would be up to other offers as well. My XD has a Springer Carry trigger (the full job, not the drop in kit) set at 4.5 lbs. It has a Dawson Precision sight set on it (installed by Springer). It also has grip tape on it from using it in USPSA, but I'm sure it could easily be removed. I believe I still have the Hogue grip lying around for it as well. The barrel has been polished. It has a ton of rounds through it but I recently went through and replaced all of the springs with factory parts from PistolGear. I was having some light primer strikes, so I also replaced the striker spring with the stronger spring from Springer Precision. I also have a ton of mags for it. Let me konw if you have any questions or want more pictures.

(This picture is kind of old, but you get the gist)

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