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Who makes a good camera? I borrowed one from my sister....this is what I came up with so far. Please bear with me

all clean!

My everyday carry setup

these "pads" are really nice

my xd-40

The "in your face biatch" pic(aiming at the camera )

my .45

my other .40cal....for some reason this is the most accurate pistol I own
my "sh!t hits the fan" gear---

check out the custom skateboard tape handguard 8)

Hope you ya'll like!

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I hope thats not your finger going through the trigger guard

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There are a whole lot of good digital cameras out there. What are you looking to do with it? What is your price range? What is your technical know-how both in terms of photography and computers?

This is a good website to check out. When you think you know what you want, read the fora to see what "users" say about it.


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I'm quite pleased with the Cannon SD300 4 mpixel gadget I bought recently. Within the next month or so there should be a 5 and 7 point something version of this camera that's exactly the size of a pack of cigarettes available here. Four is more than I need and the movie mode is just too cool. Here'a a frame from using that feature:

And here is a standard resolution still (sorry dialup folks)


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I'd have to say that for the most part when it comes to digital cameras, Cannon is the king.

I have a friend who is a real digital camera guru and really keeps up to date with them. He pretty much recommends cannon exclusively with the exception of one Nikon which I cant remmember which it was.

I have a Cannon Digital Elph S500. It is a very impressive camera and very pocketable. It's 5 megapixel and is about the size of a pack of cigarettes. It can do 640X480 video with sound also, and it does it quite well. One thing you need to watch out for is the higher megapixel you go the more image noise will show up in low light shots. This is especially the case in lower end camera's who's CCD size is not increased along with the megapixel increase.

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I have to recommend a Canon for ease of use and more user-friendly software package. I've used my buddy's Canon S70 a few times and it is a great P&S digicam. Canon vs Nikon, XD vs Glock, Ford vs Chevy... the debate never ends. No debate here - get a Canon ;)

EDIT: Post a link instead of an image for the dial-up folks. Large files break the tables of the forum and you have to scroll across the screen to read the posts. That file is a whopping 1.7MB.

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bluebomberx said:
I have to recommend a Canon for ease of use and more user-friendly software package. .
I have a Canon Elpf S400.

I never installed the software. (Well, actually I did,
but I needed to reformat my hard drive and never
installed it after).

I find the XP's control panel's built in camera
software is very good. I have the full blown
Adobe Photoshop, but am not that proficient with
it. It is an overwhelmingly complex program.

For cropping and simple corrections
I use the "Picture Manager" that is part of
MS Office. It really is very good. And easy to use.

My brother swears by Picassa, which
is a freeware download. But I had
trouble with it freezing up. It seemed
like a good program for organizing pictures.

Really anything over 3 mega-pixels
is overkill for viewing on any
computer screen. Unless you are
going to print large (8x10 or bigger)
there is no advantage to having more
than 3 MP. Still, I admit to being a bit
disappointed with my timing. If I had
waited a few months I would have
been able to get the 5mp Elph for
what I paid for the 4mp....The
S500 was not yet out when I got mine.

The only faults I can cite with
the Canon Elpf is that there is
no manual focus or shutter/aperture
priority....but it's not that kind of camera.

The other thing I am not
crazy about is it only shoots in
JPEG format.

But for a pocket sized camera it is
without peer. I have kept it on
my belt in a little case all over the
planet. I have larger and better
cameras, but they don't go with me.
Small is good.

I think this is the best source for
digital camera reviews...very thorough
and yet not too complicated for the
average buyer to understand:


Here are two pictures I took recently in
Thailand at medium resolution.
To host them on Image Shack I had
to compress them to an even lower
resolution. Would have done
it anyway to prevent the need to
scroll which is annoying as
all hell. As is having to type
in a narrow column like this.

Still, the Canon manages
to capture good detail (check out the
palm fronds and leaves) and accurate
color. Many digital cameras would
completely lose the clouds in
the picture at the lake in the
mountains...and the ripples
on the water as well.


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I am looking at one of the Sonys that allows you to just slap a CD into the back side of the camera. They are reasonably priced and seem fine for what I want. I have also considered Minox, but I am leaning toward the Sony. Any advice?


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ranburr said:
I am looking at one of the
Sonys that allows you to just slap a CD i
nto the back side of the camera. They are
reasonably priced and seem fine for what
I want. I have also considered Minox,
but I am leaning toward the Sony. Any advice?

If you don't mind the size, they are good
cameras. Sony makes good stuff. I just think
the size of the CD makes the camera
larger than it needs to be.

With the Sony memory sticks, you can pretty
much use them on any computer with USB ports
just as easily as using a CD. So I don't see
any advantage to the CD although I am sure I
must be missing something since Sony
has been sticking with that concept for
a long time...their earlier cameras used
floppy disks...not much capacity by today's
standards. But they still work. Problem is
not many new computers have floppy disk


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I hate to do this but there is a web site woot.com, At midnight the put a new item on the web site it is usually a drastic discount shipping is always 5.00 bucks unfortuanatly it has nothing to do with guns mostly electronis I purchased a digital camera that best buy was selling on sale for 499.00 I bought off woot 99.00 I have know Idea how they do it I just know they are straight up bought quite a bit there.... Here is the bad part once they run out of what they are selling no more only 1 item a day if its good its usually sold out a 4 am when I check.... it is worth it


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I did have pics on here....I must've somehow taken em off
Lemme see if I can fix it.
I'm new to all this digital stuff....lol
However I may make it a new passtime.

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As Delija said it is just as easy if not easier to plug a usb cable into a camera than it is to remove a disc and put it in a CD drive. The one and only reason I can find for the purpose of removable inexpensive media like the sony's use, Floppy's and now CD's is this. My Father as a real-estate agent uses one of these and while he is out showing houses to buyers he snaps some shots of the houses and gives the disk to hi clients. You obviously wouldn’t want to do this with a $70 memory card. Unless this reason applies to you then there are more than a few reasons not to go this route.

I haven't researched this so I could be wrong but just with my basic computer knowledge I would have to say that it is likely that it takes longer for a camera to write data to a CD than it does to a memory card which would reduce the take rapid shots in succession.

The size of the camera will be bigger.

I’m sure there are other reasons that I can’t think of right now.

I guess I’m just not a big fan, it seems a little too much of a gimmick to me kind of like the V-10 XD.

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Delija I have the S400 as well. I love that little guy! Takes awesome pictures.

The built-in transfer stuff is good but the software isn't bad if you ever want to give it a shot.

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It's an el-cheapo "military style" watch from sportsmansguide.com :wink:
Comes in od and black....replacement bands at the local army store fits it too.
One of the things I got when ordering backpackin supplies

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I agree. That is a very cool place.
I could pack up my stuff, put on my camo, and disappear into that place.
Only to come out to wave at passerbyes.

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Fam Money said:
Hey Delija, where were those pics taken? That place looks beautiful!
The picture with the lake was taken on the road between
Chaing Rai and Chaing Mai in northern Thailand. Really a
beautiful place. Found it by accident. We were driving for
hours and starving, and out of nowhere I saw a sign in
English that said "Restaurant-Hotel"....only English I saw for
days. In the middle of nowhere. Sometimes you just get
lucky!!! Food was great and the three of us had a super lunch
for probably $5 total.

The picture with all the bells was taken at a Buddhist temple
up in the mountains outside of Chaing Rai....it's a 700 year
old temple. It's also a place where the Royal Family goes to pray
when up in that region. I believe the bells each represent a
monetary donation.....sort of like having a plaque with your
name on it if you make a donation to a church or synagogue
in the US.

Yeah, it is some beautiful country.

I did get a little lost exploring the area around there. It's
the "Golden Triangle" region, and you are skirting the border
of Thailand and Burma...Burma is now the "Soviet Union of
Myanmar", so a few times I got stopped by the Thai army.
They guard the roads closely....there is a lot of drug smuggling...
.if you've heard of the "Golden Triangle" you would probably
know that.

They don't screw around with drug smugglers. They will shoot
you on the spot rather than waste time with arrests and trials.
So I guess the drug smuggling is off limits to amateurs and
left to the corrupt government officials.

Great place to visit (if you aren't running drugs). A top notch
hotel room including breakfast is around $20. In Bangkok
it's more like $30. In New York...$400+ for an equivalent
room. Maybe more.

You can go to the best Thai restaurants, including entertainment...dancers, music, etc....and you could not
spend more than $10 if you tried....even with the most
expensive dishes....shrimp, prawn, whatever. They have
great sushi in Thailand as well as what you think of as Thai
food ...except they don't give you chop sticks....don't know why...different culture I guess than it is in Japan, Vietnam, .
..chop stick territory..LOL.

Even the airfare is pretty cheap. I think that time I flew on
EVA air....it's Chinese (Taiwan). The airfare was less than
$800 round trip from Chicago to Bangkok (stopped in Taipei).
The round trip flight from Bangkok to Chaing Rai and then
from Chaing Mai back to Bangkok was maybe $60. I rented
a car and drove so that's why I flew into one city and out
of another. The rental car was NOT cheap...had a little
Thai made Honda...smaller than a civic. The rental car was
the only thing that was pretty much American prices...it
was Hertz or Avis or one of those, so that's probably why.
I saw ads for renting motor scooters for like $3 a day. (even for "farangs" ..foriegners).

I normally fly on Northwest. It's a little more money...the
food is better. But EVA was a good deal and I will use them
again. For regular economy fare you get a reclining seat
with footrests. Almost, but not quite like the first class seats.
The only trouble is the footrests are pretty much the right
length for shorter Asian people. (Chinese...the Thais seem
taller). I had enough legroom, but the footrests were at the
middle of my calves...(I turned them sideways...like a wheel
chair kind of thing).

The flight is so long you need to be unconscious anyway.
All the airlines that fly trans Pacific give you unlimited
booze for "free". And meals come non-stop.

I am seriously thinking of retiring there. For $100K you
can buy a house that would cost a million dollars in Florida...
.swimming pool, landscaping, guest house, private gate,
the whole shooting match. For $700 a year you can hire
a live in housekeeper. Basically you can live like a king in
Thailand. The people are super friendly...it's the only country
in that part of the world that has never been at war or
occupied. The surrounding countries....very different.
Laos, Cambodia, Burma (Myanmar), Vietnam, China (mainland).

The south of the country is beautiful too. I was on the
beach at Phuket last October. That is where the Tsunami
hit. Most beautiful beaches I have ever seen. They have
these little islands where they filmed some of the exotic
locations for the James Bond movies...like Dr. No...they
actually call them the "James Bond Islands" now. The movie
"The Beach" with Leonardo DiCaprio was also filmed
there more recently.

Everyone should go to Thailand!!!! A round of golf outside
of Bangkok is $4 including caddies (beautiful hot young
Thai girls). They use the golf carts with four seats...so
the caddies can ride along (it's REALLY HOT..it's 8 degrees off
the equator).

They even have shooting ranges. You can shoot full auto
machine guns (rentals..I don't know about owning).

I could do a whole photo thread on Thailand. It's incredibly

Bangkok is NOT beautiful....it's HUGE...20 million people.
Very polluted and lots of poverty. But if you are into a
nightlife...it makes Vegas seem tame.

The Thai women......they are indescribably gorgeous!!!


All married guys should avoid it like the plague :lol:

Although taking your wife to a place like Phuket is
probably the most romantic place imaginable.

Below is yours truly on the beach at Phuket. This very
spot was hit directly by the Tsunami. I can cry thinking
about the fact that the people I joked with and hassled
over the price of t-shirts and knockoff sunglasses for $1
(wearing a pair of $1 sunglasses in the picture I think)
are in many cases now gone :cry: :cry:

But from what I hear the place is pretty much back
to normal. Even cheaper now to get tourists to come
back after the disaster.

Oh, the nightlife on Phuket is also amazing. Really
completely beyond description. You have to just
see it. It can't be explained. It is too much fun!!!

Oh, and since I already know that I will be asked....
Phuket is pronounced "Poo-Khet". (not "****-it")...LOL


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